Jenny Webb, “Salt Press/Maxwell Institute Merger” (Episode 25)


Jenny Webb is an independent scholar living in Huntsville Alabama with her husband, Nick Webb, and two young children. She has an MA in comparative literature from BYU and has worked as an editor and compositor for the past eight years. Her research interests include twentieth-century fiction and scriptural theology; her most recent publications include "Fantastic Desire: Poe, Calvino, and the Dying Woman" as well as "Reading Nephi Reading Isaiah," which she co-edited along with Joe Spencer. She serves as a member of the Mormon Theology Seminar Executive Board and in 2009 helped to found Salt Press along with Adam Miller, Joe Spencer, and Robert Couch.

In this interview Kirk and Jenny discuss the founding of Salt Press, the merger with the Maxwell Institute, apologetics, and the role that women play in the changing field Mormon Studies.
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