4 tips for playing the My Café: Recipes and stories game


We have heard about several restaurant games, one of them is My Café: Recipes and stories. It is one of the best my cafe restaurant games which generate the interest of players according to their needs. The game is best for those who like to manage things are in a systematic way. Most of the times, you need to decorate the restaurant for attracting the customers.

If the player has the best communication skills, then they have the best option to make a perfect social relationship with customers. Most of the times, you need to convince the customers for sharing their story.

Tips for playing                                                                                                                                     

Quick serve

The players need to serve the dish to the customers quickly. Once they make it possible, you will earn some coins and rewards. Through this, you can convince the customers for positive ratings. If the employee is not free at the time, then try to serve the order by yourself.


Try to make the employee relaxed that leads to making the best communication skills between the employees and customers. Make the customers comfortable and try to communicate with them.

Upgrade all the aspects

For playing the game more effective make all the aspects of upgrading all the elements. Through this, you will get some more authentic features. When the upgrade is done, you need to set all the elements once again.

Special species

The players need to get special species to make the dish tasty. Moreover, the grades of customers are also boosted.

 So, these are some tips for playing the game effectively. Try to play the game attractive and convince the customers by fast service.

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