Critical Ops – game of team spirit and coordination


There is a section of the society who likes to play shooting and battle games. For their quest the Critical Force Entertainment developer has create game of Critical Ops shooting game. The game Critical Ops is also called as Critical Cops. The player of the game has to form a team of players to battle against the opposing team. The interesting game depends of mechanics quite famous Counter strike. The Critical Ops Hack helps the player to play the shooting game at ease.

The lovers of the game have to do many things while playing the game. To have knowledge about how to play the game down paragraphs are significant to use.

How to go about the Critical Ops game

  • First and foremost is that player should build a team or squad of players to play against other team. The team can play terrorist as well as counter-terrorist role.
  • After having a strong team player has to command the teammates to follow whatever the player wants.
  • Next player should have various and destructive weapons and ammunition to stump out the rival teammates.
  • Buy new and advanced weapons to play Critical Ops well.
  • Player should also update the game whenever there is updated version available.
  • Player different types of modes of the game. In the beginning there is some time given to the player to select player and choose weapons.
  • Starts with MP5 and reach to the hardest level of 15th Different level provides the player different quality type weapons. At the last level there is knife given to the player to kill the enemies.

Game currency – credits

Completion of tasks in different missions results into credits. The credits can be categories into two. The blue credits and orange credits. Both types of credits can be used to unlock the skin of weapons and Critical Ops Hack which gives new looks to the weapons as well as make it more dangerous for the enemies. Special shop is there to purchase new weapons from as well as exchange old ones.

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