Ultimate guide of War Dragons


If you are looking for a new game, then you can download the War Dragons. The game is full of enjoyment and fun, and millions of online players are connected with it.  It is based on the dragons’ action, and it is published by the pocket games. Unbeatable high visual graphics are good for players, and such are good enough for attracting many players.  The gameplay is very easy for playing and anyone can play easily in the game.  Battles and missions are good for taking many victories. In which you are dealing with many kinds of dragons, and you can open many new dragons with the help of War Dragons Cheats 2019.

Before going to play in the game, we need to get some tips and tricks for playing high. Everyone is going to beat it in the given time, and that is for collecting many kinds of resources.

Select your dragon

The game is full of dragons and in which you can breed new for battles. The selection of dragon is a vital step for everyone, and the player needs to select the suitable dragon for fighting well in the live battles. You can also customize your dragons and go with it.

Understand about missions

Several missions are active for the players, and you have to master of such missions. Everything depends on the missions, and the players are trying his best for getting the success in it. Each mission is live and plays on the real-time.

Heal the injured dragon

In the battlefield, the players face many kinds of challenges, and an injured dragon is one of them.  The game provides the facility of healing your dragon.  It takes some time, but after that, your dragon is ready for the next fights.

Get extra powers

Powers are everything for the dragons and in which the players should concern about such powers. You can use some currency, or War Dragons Cheats 2019 are for extra powers.



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